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(FS)AsrockOCF 3258/ CPUs/ Mems(CorsairPlat/ PSC)


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Good evening,

the listed items are for sale, all are tested and fully working, this thread also consolidates the threads I had before to make things more lucid




Mainboards and CPUs


1. Asrock Z87 OCFM + Intel Pentium G3258K


Board is in box with accessories and invoice by german online shop. It was used only on air, and not much, for ram testing and a few weeks for internet surfing. The CPU is first 3258 I bought and was only used for mem binning and board tests, it is boxed with invoice by german online shop. Combination did quite good, in case you want to go on cold with the board, it has dual bios, ln2 and slow mode switch and so on...


jd801347xnyys.jpg jd801350vslo3.jpg jd801355avj5g.jpg jd801359buusa.jpg 13688-12-8-2818835vbi01lsv.jpg


2. Intel Pentium G3258K boxed


Good IMC, used to confirm the ability of my some mems and consistency of my boards, Batch 422


jd801360thcus.jpg jd801356whfnk.jpg


Memory and coolers


3. 4x4GB Corsair Dominator Platinum DDR3-2666 C10-12-12-31


Best Samsungs I ever had, in box with unused fan, genuine quad kit with successive serial numbers. No need for Samsungs anymore, so I decided to let them go. 2800 c9 tight on ivy and hasfail easily, below 1,9v, tested in pairs.

jd80135149axu.jpg jd801350w5srp.jpg jd801349assvu.jpg


4. 2x2BG Exceleram VX DDR3-2000 C7-10-9-24 (X_PSC)


Work flawless, 8layer PCB and X-PSC. Uneven bin. One sticks needs 1,71v for 1200 8-12-9-28 profile on ocfm, secod one 1200 8-11-8-28 profile 1,65v... Might be interesting for collectors, which I am not any more, or binners, I used them for 24/7 and chaged to an 8GB Kit.


jd801351e6r5q.jpg jd801352jhpsc.jpg exceleram2000stick112n5kwe.jpg exceleram2000kit1200cp4j6h.jpg


5. Arcting cooling Ram coolers


What it says...




6. Arcting cooling Alpine 64PWM


in box




7. G.Skill turbulenceII Ram cooler




Prices in Euros excluding shipping cost which will come on top


1. na

2. 50 Euro

3. 400 Euro sold, payment received

4. 35 Euro

5. 5 Euro

6. 5 Euro

7. 5 Euro


On number 5-7, I would really advice to get these only at a bundle when you have no extra shipping, otherwise this would be awful deal^^


Payment possibible with paypal (non cc) or western union, shipping cost will vary with region I have to ship to - please ask first if you are unsure, items are located in germany, I will find best possible option with tracking and insurance for you. I decide to whom I sell, but I will normally sell to person that makes first call, might it be pm or at thread



Best regards



Disclaimer : no returns and no warranty provided by me, as private seller I have to rule this out, but as far a vendors warranty is provided, all warranty labels and seals are intact. On oc, as usual ymmv with hardware, skills and temperature, so the screens, if provided, show the potential and results can be better or worse

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narrowed specs on coolers
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#2 is only tested for IMC which is doing good, don´t think core will do too well. CPU in bundle I did test to learn on hasfail OC, did 4,5ghz wprime 1024 ~ 1,17v and SPi 32m at same voltage. Results are all on air, mems, cpus and board

Edit actually found a screen


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No idea, I haven´t made serious tests, if I remember correctly I did around 1,36 or 1,38v 32m super pi 4.9ghz. With two 3770k in drawer that do 5ghz 1,3v and less I don´t need Pentium for CPU-OC

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