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Stelaras - GeForce 3 Ti500 - 5032 marks 3DMark2000


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well done!

My best backup is 4576 points K6-3+@600Mhz 120x5 air cooling

but i have some questions

your ASUS P5A is rev 1.03?

Because with rev 1.05 and 1.06 K6-2+/K6-3+ (with L2 cache on die) run very slow!!!

read this:


"1.05 and later board revs will NOT work. Perhaps the 1011 beta 2 BIOS might work as it does on the P5A-B. The beta 4 BIOS has been seen at the German Asus site. Need CPUFSB or similar software to attain 133MHz FSB.

Beta 4 BIOS at theGerman Asus FTP site. (note that the beta 4 BIOS isn't there anymore, now there's a beta 5? Does that version still work with the K6-2+ and K6-III+ chips correctly?)"


in fact i was obligated to use ASUS P5A rev 1.03 instead of 1.05

Can you tell me where you have found Detonator 7.76 version?

Cheers Stermy57


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My P5A is 1.04rev . The last one that can run properly the K6+ CPU's . No bios can make 1.05/1.06 to run fast with these CPU's .


I don't remember where i found the 7.76 . Most possible from an old abandoned forum/blog . I have this score done since the first month of the competition (Late June) .

I can check and give you a link or upload the driver if you need it .


Thanks . :)

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I Know :)

Good work!!!

My Asus p5a 1.03 is not able to set 6x multiplier!

For me is impossible to get 5000 points!

My best score is around 4600points on air cooling


Yes if you can! :)

I would test old detonator driver


A lot of links doesn't work anymore :(


It's difficult to find old driver version

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