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COMIAS - Core i7 4790K @ 4379MHz - 6min 38sec 929ms SuperPi - 32M


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This score is a joke - I am not in the comp, but I can tell that experts, best ocer in the world at superpi, have made best shots at 6m34s at 4,5ghz.... on XP, which is around 6-10seconds faster than win7 or win8 - this result was made with higher frequency for sure and downclocked or was made on win 8 after downclock, it is physically and technical impossible at these settings


P.S. To make this clear, 4,5ghz 6m34 on LN2 including mems... so this result is even more suspicious :)

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1.6vcore for just 4.37ghz?

you sure you didnt just forget to change vcore back from when you were running 4.8ghz? :D



lol, well regardless i dont think you've fooled anyone,

your subtimings would want to be damn well "Optimization" because the mem frequency is low and the primary timings are junk, typical single sided samsung i guess though.. which also not helping your case here.


not to mention low uncore, HT enabled, no maxmem and probably not the best OS choice for 32m..

nice try though

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I was really trying to not post here. But many people here know that this time isn't possible with those settings, OS and frequency.


Even, if you take a look of his best SP32M result, you will see that's running at very similar settings on RAM but @4.9GHz with a 4.368s initial time.


There isn't way that you can get a better initial time with almost 500MHz less in that CPU.


Best result: http://hwbot.org/submission/2640878_comias_superpi___32m_core_i7_4790k_6min_28sec_487ms

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