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The official MSI MOA 2011 Americas Online pre-selection thread.

Beaux Loy

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This sounds fun but limited on the hardware.. Not normal stuff.. well, 1156 is but the rest..

Maybe I'll give it a shot


You only need to be in the top-2 of one of the stages to win. So, if you're aiming for NV400 category, you don't have to bother with the other categories.

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So I take it 480 lightnings are not allowed?


It's allowed. 4 other stages where you can try though.


You're not from Americas, though?


Please Clarify if in 3DMark01 is allowed to run multi-videocards.




Q- For entry into the 1156 class-Stage #2> will Synergy based MSI mobo's be allowed.. if so, will running mixed GPU for final score be allowed?


Good question. Not sure if it'll actually work. I have a Fuzion board here, I'll check to be sure.

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1189core on sr2



same as


1350core with 980x





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