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Yurikal - Core i3 4370 @ 4057MHz - 34638 marks PCMark 2005


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I was not talking about vantage, but all of the 3d submisdion with physx on, the ranking it's full of them, any 3d ranking..

Anyway I just don't like to report people if they are not cheating, or they do not intend to cheat, or if the score is not the result of the cheat.

But I understand a rule is a rule so I can easily delete the submission if somebody, like you, think I am cheating on purpose.



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I am deleting the submission, anyway I tell you 1 thing for all of you guys:

" Only loosers care about stupid rules, I am not cheating,and you know, the good score is not bcause of the 10mb/s more in xp startup"


Best regards.


Well actually this is where you're wrong mate because you are in fact cheating by breaking the 220MB/s limit. If any of the regular PCMark benchers got a first place global with a 240MB/s XP read and claimed it didn't make a difference then people would ask what the hell is going on for them to blatantly ignore a clear rule. If you don't think it makes a massive difference then why not just lower the speed to 220MB/s and run the benchmark again?


As for the PhysX issue, it's a non issue, doesn't make a difference to the results and there is nothing in the rules to say that can't have it enabled in the drivers anyway. Follow the rules and your scores wouldn't be removed and everybody stays happy.

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" If you don't think it makes a massive difference then why not just lower the speed to 220MB/s and run the benchmark again?"

Here it is:



I had to use Iometer to limit my score/ssd. That's why I think it's a stupid rule,why you have to limit your hardware, is this overclock or what..?

It's like in football, basketball and any other game/sport, the referee should not stop the match for any stupid little foul, otherwise the game becomes unplayable and boring, and I think it's the same for this rule.


Anyway I hope I will make everybody happy with my new submission.


About physx, just for curiosity, why in every 3d benchmark the rules say: "Disallowed tweaks/cheats: gpu physx"..? You can easily check if physx is on the gpu just by looking in gpu-z..



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