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The official HyperX OC Takeover 2014 North America Qualifiers thread.


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Please note the additional rules,


- You must attach a clear picture of the modules' label

- You must attach a clear picture of the memory chips and PCB if the modules if the heatspreaders are removed (still need a picture of the label)

- It is not allowed to remove submissions for strategic purposes. This is an individual competition. Unsportmanship behavior may lead to disqualification.

- HyperX and HWBOT reserve the right to remove any submission. There will be no discussion about removed submissions or disqualification

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Worry not, we're aware of it. It's dead easy to bench too fellas but yes there are a few tricks to max platform out. There is a very specific temp relationship with getting the best possible volts to push uncore and RAM as well as CPU correctly. i tried kingston sticks on air that cookie had and they were clocking same as gskills of cookies (that i subbed in low clock challenge) so you're going to see some monster 1700+ CL9/10 benching with Kingstons no worries. I'm expecting some huge scores in low clock challenges from everyone as well as whatever Kingston sets for final benchmarks in Vegas. it would be awesome to see some 32M SuperPI, RAM is key here and will be most fun to bench. Hopefully no cinebench or other crap. XTU scaled with memory too, so that is a good one and i would not be surprised if WR goes down if you go all out.

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