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[FS] HOT killer memory Kingston KHX2250C9D3T1FK3/6GX BDBG


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Special offer for HOT contestants!

For sale triple kit Kingston Kingston KHX2250C9D3T1FK3/6GX BDBG IC's Best dual sided Kingston that I've ever had


1.93V air. Timing weren't adjusted by me, jus used memory preset 2600 air tight.

Can pass 8-9 loops 2666MHz with the same timings. All three stick have almost the same OC potential one a bit better, but didn't find any difference when tried to combine these sticks and reach 2666 )




Price 150 USD shipped. Maybe price is a bit high, but for Kingston it's an awesome result(I mean overclocking on air).

I can accept only Western Union money transfer.

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