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Obsessive compulsive disorder (or the need for speed)


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Yes, i got it,and im proud of it,they say its a disease,but im happy



When i see a computer or laptop i havent put my hansds on yet,im thinking.

"whats the PLL on that baby" its not a matter of can it be overclocked, its just how high can i overclock it.


My wifes electrical toothbrush: It sounded too slow, so i opend it up, changed a resistor here,and bypassed a wire there.

Wow, now its fast..now it must be like 600rpm faster...for like 2minutes, a small puff of smoke and the familiar scent of burning plastic hit me...

Oh,well...wife mad, got herself a new toothbrush...so its cool :)


I had too much hardware, the wife (again) said: "John, whats all this hardware just laying around here for, get rid of some of it"

Well, if the wife is mad, we all know what happend, sleeping on the couch can be ok for a day or two, but the bed is soo much nicer so

i got on the case.

Sold 6 cpus,4 motherboards, 3 gfx cards, 2 psus.... all well,wife happy...until... DAMN, two of the cpus i havent run hwbot prime with yet...grrrr.

Still thinking about that...lol it bugs me..


Its moore,yes lots moore, but I leave it here..whats youres?

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