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Lack of time to perform 3D mark 05 at all. I hope I'll be lucky on saturday and reach necessary score. Will try gtx750 and Pentium. How do you think is it good VGA for getting success or I should use other VGA?


GPU should be fine, then it's just about the CPU clock and quite a bit of luck.

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I am having a hart time to hit this score whit one gpu,like moste of us. So how hard whil it be whit 4 gpu's :)

So a challenge for all the 4x titan / 780ti / 980/ r9 290x / r9 280x or 2x titan-z / 7990 / r9 295x2 users.

Try to hit this score.if the gpu's can run so low. lol

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My scores seem more stable after disabling the Superfetch service. Less than 100 points variation


Anyone else want to try?


Yesterday i have make som runs whit superfetch disabeld.and no big changes.

But this morning i re start the system and i a was not abel to hit 25k in 05 and in cat 720p it was +-1,2K.


now after setting it back on auto and a power down and a re start i am back to +30k and +-2,6k in cat 720p


this all whit same gpu and cpu speed.

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