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EVGA GTX 970 tested & compared


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Hey folks,


it's been a while I've benched stuff but after a break of almost 2 years I am now slowly coming back to my old passion for overclocking.


Having wasted way too much money in the past the GTX 970 for just around 320 Euro looked like a good deal to check out about GPU performance these days.


I compared to a lot special editions of the past like GTX 580, 7970 and new 780 Ti.








Let's skip all this "cooler, specs, fancyness" and go directly to performance in games and benchmarks - these are my final charts up to now:








When it comes to power consumption this card is like a camel you've just feeded - it doesn't need anything for a while ^^






Knowing that we can bypass the powerlimit very easy, is there some kind of Vmod we can try out?


greetings to all



PS: full review and all images here (german only unfortunatly sorry)

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Thanks for the overview Sof. I think GTX 970 is the most impressive of maxwell, relative low price and almost 780 Ti performance! Although, 980 seems more fun to OC.


It's perfect for gamers on a budget, but the GTX 960 will be even better regarding price/performance.


If you want full performance and have some spare money - the GTX 980 is the way to go :)


PS: the stock EVGA GTX 970 (not the overclocked or other SEs) only allows +37,5 mV additional Voltage while as other cards usually allow + 87,5 mV in nSpector. Just to let you know...

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