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What happened to all my global points?

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Earlier today I had like 9.7 global points and now I have 1.10.... Don't see how this is possible seeing as this submission alone is worth 3 globals:http://hwbot.org/community/submission/1063336_optytrooper_pcmark_2005_pentium_4_631_11273_marks


I forced recalculation but no good.


This isn't right either. How can both my 1 CPU PCmark05 submission, my X6 AND my X2 submission both be worth only team points? Has to be one or the other guys.


I dropped from 567 to 602st?!?! Not likely! This has me a bit irked.

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Ah, there's a known bug.


There are two submissions that each are worth 3 global points. The engine, who's looking for the most rewarding score, cannot see a "most rewarding score" because there are two equal in value.


This bug wil solve itself once one score increases/drops in points.

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