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ROC II - New era begins..


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I am just the messenger here. I was with these overclockers whole weekend, but I did not overclock at all myself. I was just trying to give useless tips and act like a pro :ROTF:


This is second overclocking session what we have organized here. The idea was same as in ROC I. Guys who are not so familiar with ln2, will get more expenrience with it. The progress during this year have been awesome.


The people who took part were: Asmola, Junksu, SemBer, SF3D

80 liters of ln2. A lot of retail hardware from shops.


I will add more pictures + shots as soon as I get back home. The guys should be able to show their screenshots in here at least.



Junksu was very lucky with his retail 980X. (Week 3003B472)

No cold bug with 2 memory sticks. Scales well with voltage and cold.


Junksu is currently the 2nd overclocker here in Finland and he is familiar to some of you guys from the live oc competitions in 2010.


This was his pifast result:






More to come a bit later from the guys who continued to bench today.


Some random pictures:

The event place = Raahe (Raahe OC)



Junksu's setup and his brand new monitor!






SemBer and Asmola:



Asmola's fiancee like to help too:



Sauna + alcohol





This was perfect weekend again. Thanks guys! :up:

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Junksu in XS:


"Thanks Guys and special thanks to Petri for being humble LN2 boy this time


So this was the second ROC event (ROC = Raahe OC - Raahe is a small town in Finland). I have had a lot of OC activities after the last ROC I (April) which was my first LN2 experiment:

April - Gigabyte Intel P55 OC Challenge with SemBer (2nd),

June - MSI MOA European Finals with Kite (5th),

September - MSI MOA Word finals with SF3D (6th)


This time I had just 20kg of LN2 and aim to test my Asus R3E + 480 Lightning with my retail 980X! 2D tests started very nicely and I did some personal records with SP1M + PiFast. Then when it was time to test Lightning with LN2 there were some insulation problems with MB! I managed to make only one decent run with 3DMark03 before ran out of ln2! Hopefully next time better result with 3D too!


My Setup: 980X 3003B320 CBB -142, no CB (with 2 mem sticks)

Asus Rampage III Extreme

Corsair Dominator GT

MSI GTX480 Lightning"





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Pieter- We finnish overclockers have bad habit to take over childrens rooms for overclocking :)


Christian Ney- Last 2 pics are like that for safety reasons :)


der8auer- The real oldie is Junksu! He was already coding when I was still wearing diapers.. well almost :)

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