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Batch/stepping and stuff ...


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Hey guys,


Working on figuring out a good system to get batch/stepping in the database. At first, I figured we'd just add a description field where could add a line ~ 3005F803, but there's some other information on the CPU as well that could be interesting.


Also, there's info on the VGA (core/mem), chipset, different memory chips ... etc.


So, the question: what's important to you and what can you do without?

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IC type is also needed SAMSUNG 752 is cool, but what REALLY matters is the speed bin - which would be BJ1A or something in your case:D


True and BJ1A is also correct :D



Is the current score format annoying or overcrowded already?


Atm it looks good but it could be overcrowded with all of these information.


An additional field with these information would be nice. Maybe a button with "Show additional Information" so you can switch them on/off?

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  • Crew

PJ, all this stuff can be moved to the "More" tab. As for the current result info - it's not overloaded but is badly formatted.

In most screen resolution you can't see the screenshot preview link without scrolling. It maked looking a category through much slower.

It would be better to reconsider the screenshot placement. And I don't think we really need two rank strings. Maybe it would be nice to make it more compact - for example make the result + category + date font a bit smaller and place the x out of xx under it. And the gold cup and points nearby. The screenshot can be placed right under the CPU group. And the MoBo group can be shifted to the right from the CPU, it's spare at the moment.


This will fit main info in one page on opening the result without any scrolling. It does save time and lowers mistakes when you open 10-15 results simultaneously ;)


The main idea is to reconsider. I just gave an example how, it's not the exact way I want it to do - this could (should) be discussed if you accept changing it.

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