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MSI GTX 980 Gaming 4GB (non reference PCB)


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MSI GTX 980 Gaming 4GB (non reference PCB)


all mods are test on air and ln2 and are working





Vgpu mod



OCP mod



Vmem mod



Vpll mod



Cold slow mod



power limiting mod




With this Vgpu mod you can use bios from all manufacturers


Keep an eye on Vmem voltage if you change the bios. With some bios the memory only get 1.4V. The card can run with it but can't overclock much.

If you use a bios that provides 1.4V then the memory gets 1.6V when you are in the bios so be careful when modifying the Vmem voltage if not using MSI bios


To new overclocks remember to change the resistance on the Variable resistor until there is maximum resistance between the two pins you are using

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I know you guys have tested this mod but I seem to run into an issue with mine


First off I did the power mods and had no issues

Then I wanted more voltage so I did remove the resister in the gpu mod and connected a 10k.now in 2d its fine but 3d gives only grey screen,did the ocp mod(but ohms were fine and card in 3d should have been 1.276v)still just grey screen in 3d.


I managed to get the resister off the board clean and in one piece but I broke one trying to get a value from it the other I dropped and could not find


So anyone have a value for the resisters I removed ?

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Guest cowgut

ahhh 2 year bump on this?

great 2d card I have now but its a 87%asic card

can someone tell me the values from the resisters that are called to be removed in this mod. I just want to get them back on

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