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It's a crime!


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This has got nothing to do with any team spirit or anything. Because your on OCN does not automatically mean I'm going to agree with everything you say.


The point is here that this is all sounding like sour grapes and honestly there are not enough people on the bot who bench PCM05 to care that it's gone.


Don't get me wrong I used to enjoy benching it and learning the tweaks for it since it was easily the most tweakable benchmark on the bot. But that's also really the main problem with it and why it has to go. There are simple not enough mods that understand the ins and outs of the benchmark to moderate it correctly and there aren't enough people submitting to make it worth their time doing.


It's just about moving on dude. I'm sure there will be someone on the bot who will make a PCMark type benchmark in the future that won't be so easily ruined by mega tweaks and we can all get back to full system benchmarking again. But with the current lot of benchmarks we have that's not really an option so we'll just have to be patient and wait.


I see 0 tweaks learned in this sub: http://img.hwbot.org/u35982/image_id_959868.jpeg


8k tw on a 920? Have you ever heard of Bob80? :P


Ok,that's wrong..You do have the WPR tweak on ;) ..and it shows.


XP startup is terrible, though.

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Back then I hadn't no.


I didn't even know how to wazza back then either. That's when I was just learning about PCMark 05.


There were only a few very minor tweaks in that submission yes.


But anyway, since you clearly just want to turn this into a personal attack feel free.


I know exactly what a turd is ;)

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