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nvidia 6200 le section


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can a mod please have a look at this section?




i get the feeling a lot of the submissions are fraudulent. 3dm01, 3dm03, etc


here are some examples and the submissions that I think are either falsified or do not have enough proof.


1st one


this submissions screen shot is too small to even make anything out.

2nd one


this submission, I feel has been falsified, instead of running the bench mark at the preset resolution, the resolution has been changed to something like 800x600. And then the screen shot has the resolution covered up.



same goes for this submission on top of the fact that there is no valid GPU-Z in the screen shot.



this has the same problem as the 2nd as well as not showing the details of the Bench run.



this has no screen shot there fore no proof.



this one I may be wrong on even though in the screen shot the 3dmark part says 6200le, the stock clocks on the video card do not look accurate int eh GPU-Z portion, that and i don't see how the person would hit that score with the processor completely at stock 2.66 ghz.



this has no valid GPU-Z in the screen shot.



no valid GPU-Z in the screen shot.



screen shot only contains 3dmark 01 and nothing else.



like number 2 in the list the resolution is covered up.


here is what i mean about what i have stated in my second submission I have ran it with the resolution at its stock 1024X768 and then with the resolution at 640X480.

when ran at the stock resolution it yielded 6618 points.


then ran at 640X480 yielding 13780 points.



I apologize about the photo bucket links.

I do want to submit for this video card in the near future.

Thank You

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there was a database problem a few months ago. ~3000 screens were lost. so, for the lost ones -> only the thumbs are there anymore.


on those 3 year old screenshots-> there was no gpu-z available back then.


if it doesn't say "the benchmark was not run using default settings" it was run on default. ;)


if there are problems the best would be to report the scores using the "report function". ;)

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