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Jonh Silver - Phenom II X3 710 @ 3809MHz - 3809 mhz CPU-Z

Jonh Silver

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Donde dice que no se pueden correr los benchs desactivando cores?

El 1er puesto de CPU z con el 980x por ejemplo, fue validado solo con 2 cores.


Que paso?? no me da la opcion de poner 1 core, cuando subo la publicacion :S






fijate en las screens, Ya modifiquè esta submisiòn, en el pròximo refresh vas a ver reflejado tu score

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  • Crew
Please, Sweet, try to improve your English skills and explain what did you mean to say.


Take it easy, boy.


First - I just do my job here.


Second - If you don't understand my english, please don't read what I write ;)


If you don't understand this, you're in trouble


Have a nice day.

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p><blockquote data-ipsQuote="" class="ipsQuote" data-ipsquote-contentapp="forums" data-ipsquote-contenttype="forums" data-ipsquote-contentid="12197" data-ipsquote-contentclass="forums_Topic"><div>If you have a score that hasn

You have to do it manualy :


Step one :

Clic your submission and then, clic the ''more'' tab :

http://img830.imageshack.us/img830/4714/45325377.jpg' alt='45325377.jpg'>



Step two :

clic the ''reclaculation'' button :




If the score hasn't got any ranking, points, it's because your submission has been moved, edited or checked by a moderator.

Exemple :



To have your rank/points back you have to do it manualy :


Step one :

Go on your profile, and clic the option tab :



Step two :

Clic the ''force recalculation of best submissions'' button :




Can't be easier''





You are going to ask me :

-WTF, why are you doing all of that as there is already a thread for that ?

-I know, but how many people are active or searching on the forum ? 5 % of the all community ?

So others who are not on HWBot forum just came one time to say :

-''Where is the ranked first here ?''''Where are my points ?''''Why am I ranked 2nd ?''.


It's going to reduce submissions useless thread.



Also because I am reporting a lot of submissions that aren't in the right cathegory. :D



If it's possible it would be good to add a tab on the existant ''Navigation'' tab, like :''HelpCenter'' I don't know :D, or just showed on HWBot homepage.





Thanks!! Christian Ney

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  • Crew
Por favor, en español


anda al bench.






pestaña MORE, a la derecha hay una calculadora, click en la calculadora, y dirà , en inglès, recalculaciòn disparada., listo, solo hay que esperar el refresh de la page, nada màs;)


Edit: Ya apareciò tu puntuaciòn, congratz ! :)

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