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suspect 890FX Board results


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I don't think so Lew. I can run 1866 sticks (933) at spec on my 890FXA-UD5 pretty easily. The HTT is pretty high on those linked subs but I suppose it is possible.



With which CPau though? I've never been able to get close to 2GHz with my semprons. I've also had it on good authority from a reputable OC'er that these board hard lock much much lower than 400MHz. Tempted to find one just to test myself.


Edit : Not doubting your claims at all though mate :)

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I haven't seen 890FX board that can't do at least 400MHz HTRef, but I've only tried Crosshairs and M4A series, plus one MSI GD80. I 've also had M4A89GTD Pro doing 450+ on stock cooling, but that submission was removed long time ago, due to "red" validation caused by HTRef fluctuation.


Don't remember trying 2GHz DDR3 on my Semprons, but I believe it is not that hard, since most AM3 (excluding Thuban) DDR3 "top scores" are done with Semprons. Highest benchmark stable I've ran on X2 555 was 966 6-6-6-17 dual channel and I guess higher was possible with slackier timings and single-channel/Ganged mode. Pretty sure it would run higher even on these timings, but I suspect the CPU freq was the limiting factor in that bench.


PS: I was wrong about Semprons, but there are certainly some scores above 1000 with different AM3 CPUs, including Sempron.

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