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Request>MSI Radeon 270X Volt mod bios


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Its for a hawk 270x, but i have one chip holding the gaming 270x bios right now (non UEFI


I need to to Dice something, but for now the sliders isnt going as far as i want them to go..


Max now is 1,32v (core), and 1,7v vmem, that wont cut it


I dont even know if it will be needing a HW mod, to open up..


Any input appreciated..



/ Pro n00b


i see now that this is the wrong thread, MOD please move this thread if you like..


Sorry for this

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the Ln2 bios mode wont do much good for me i am afraid. max core voltage 1,32v regardless of AB or ABX version, or any other "unrestricted" app..


So yes its a staggering 0,1v difference between the bios no1 and bios no2 1,22v Vs 1,32v (Ln2 bios)


I am convinced that MSI optimized the voltages for Ln2 benchmarking. But i feel i need a bit more range than that, if i am going to mount a POT, and benchmark it


Picture of the PCB (from the net)--> http://img1.lesnumeriques.com/test/90/9025/msi_r9_270x_hawk_pcb_hq.jpg

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Good news I figured out IR's datasheet for the 3563B based on one of their better documented controllers. This is what you should do to get hardware control over Vcore(I have no idea what the IC for the VRAM is):


The original image is from techpowerup.com

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but i have decided to drop this benchmarking now


Maybe i will pick it up one day, once the HW designers acknowledge/recognize benchmarking, and decide to approach the customers/overclockers..


Have a great OC'ing Buildzoid, sorry you had to do the research in vain....


/ Paw


Shoes in the canal, Hat on the shelf...... Sayonara

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