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Usual bunnyextraction in Hwbot,how to not encourage overclocking

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He is not the only one with blocked scores, I also have 2 blocked and many others...


Splave, al the details regarding HW configuration is in the wrapper file and also on the screen in the wrapper window... so your scenario is wrong in this case :)


For aq3,01,03,05? Just disable system info and you can use whatever card you like for whichever category.

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It really doesnt say anything in the rules about having cpu and etc open ina "wrapper" that thing screws me up.


anyways screencap software on its own is iffy enough. I had an amazing pi score and screenca0 program crashed pc. So i dont trust wrappers or anything anymore. Just use paint. I mean i understand why to use it.

But when the rules never get updated so u have to figure out on your own you are supposed to do a screencap through the program


imo there should be multiple ways to verify a sub. I mean you should be able to use a real camera to take pics of screen incase after u finish a bench you get a system freeze. I mean you still succesfully ran the bench mark.


i think that the rules really need to be taken into consideration.

Some reqs. Are downright contradictory.


As someone who just figured out how to sub. It was pretty difficult to figure out 50% of these. And am still sure i am missing some things for a legit sub.


I mean i just recently started using cpuz's mobo tab because FYI its not said as being necessary in the rules.


Also what about all the people using es chips and getting points? Ya know even when theres that little box at the bottom of every sub page ever that you have to tick, acknowledging you AREN'T using "cherrypicked, es, handpicked, or other hardware not available to the public"

Just saying none of the WRs are made with 100%retail hardware.

All the superpis have es chips or Es hynix


If the mods want to get picky, lets get picky. Otherwise they should actually make it usable. Or clear. You always talk about new users. How do you expect them to use such a complicated system. The hardware entry isnt particularly intuitive.


Also on hwprime for sub you are supposed to type in.what you are on for phones if ur on a pc, what then, just leave it blank? It doesnt say anything anywhere.


Also some of the screencap examples in the rules arent even relevant like the necesary stuff in the rules arent in the screen caps.

Assuming it even works, last i tried i couldnt get an example for maxxmem


Just i think theres some more important stuff to do, other than give alex@ro a hard time

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The rules are pretty straight forward about what has to be included in the screenshot both 2D and 3D and if its in a wrapper you have to include CPUZ GPUZ requirements before you save the Data file.

If your machine is running like a wobbly boot after running the benchmark and crashes when you try to save the datafile then you have to get it stable enough to be able to do that.

You are submitting it at HWBOT and you have to follow the rules here not the rules of the Competition that you were in.

As for Vendetta's I dont think the moderators have enough time to think about that with all the subs they go through.


I cant actually believe this has taken up 3 pages over 2 submissions we have all had subs blocked at one time another I am sure.

Just my 2c worth

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