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Database full of wrong submissions.


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not sure if it's the right place to start the thread but I reported few benchmarks being wrong.

When you go to "Browse Hardware" its easy to see that loads of benchmarks have been submitted giving false details. Not cheating but accidentally being wrong I guess.

Like this one http://hwbot.org/submission/901156_damir_cpu_frequency_2x_athlon_ii_x2_250_4890_mhz


Its scoring under Dual Socket boards, but there is no such thing for those Athlons.


Users make mistakes when the choose "Processor Count" X2 for their dual cores and X4 for quad cores etc. I hope you can move or delete those submissions. Hopefully in the future the database won't let you choose dual socket submissions for single socket CPU's.


Also, is there a way to report hardware that is not listed?

It seems that there are benchmarks for different memory sizes and types for some cards.

For example, the Geforce 9400GT has options to compete with 512MB cards, 1GB cards, DDR2 and DDR3 cards.

Thats fair, but also the cards like HD 6950 come in 2GB and 1GB versions but there is no option for that.


Thanks alot.

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