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Single Stage dead??

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BTW, the problem with SS was compressor overheating imho. I had quite similar situation with mine last summer (ambients of 32-35C) after 2-3 hours benching multithreaded tests with 4790k@>5.0ghz. It took almost 5 hours for unit to cool down and start working. Those were the hottest days of summer and this doesn't happen again to me till now.

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I doubt static killed it, I think you're more likely to have severed a few traces that lay underneath the visible PCB.


Truly gutting and a great shame. You'll know better next time buddy. It hurts, doesn't it? :(


Nick, get Skype. Us three need to have a chat so we can organise a meet! :)


I'll try and get something sorted regards skype, no camera here, got face time?? Pm me where your based in uk, then i can see if its viable, i dont do public transport!! So would be driving.


nope wasn't a track, I already looked over it for that and was extremely unlikely to be that.


I do actually maybe have another theory, nick you haven't thrown that card yet have you?


Card was sold faulty mate, tried everything with it, reflow, bios flashing to name a few



Regards SS it could of overheated due to where i have moved it (in a corner) has been run before for 8 hours on a 5960X at 1.55v, everytime i glanced at it my face started to melt! Its always mega hot!

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