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Christian Ney

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I am always seeing overclockers, overclocking to have highest scores they can, to break records.


I am not as good/tweaker/rich as them I cannot/don't want to buy i7 980X/GTX 580/LN2.


But I want records.


Gigabyte GA-5AX

Cyrix 6x86MX PR166

256MB TwinMos SDRam PC133 CL3

OCZ Vertex SSD 32GB

Seasonic X-750

Acer H223HQ

Razer Lycosa

Roccat Kone

Full Air Cooled


Here are my records :


Without Tweaks, Without OC/DC(downclocking), Without cheats, Without alternative software/driver. Default settings


3DMark99 Max :





3DMark2000 :





3DMrak 2001 :

Hum GT1(hight details is alwas doing 0 fps) so the benchmark think it was skipped xD


Result : 0 Marks :D



Old 3DMark 2003 result :




Old Aquamark Result :



These are not FAKE,

I am serious

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@ massman

An idea for an HWBot OC Challenge :

Weakests Scores, do your best.

Maybe it's a chance for me to win an OC Challenge ever.

And somes big tweaks/tweakers will came out.




Scores I submitted here give you a chance to beat me.

I know I can have better scores.

And in the case you will beat me, be sure that I will beat you ASAP.

Challenge open, here in the forum, and maybe a future OC Challenge on the mainpage(still dreaming).

Edited by Christian Ney
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