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"Had" to do something HW related again...

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Life is kicking my ass for a while (maybe till the end of July), so very little time to OCing etc lately. However, dear Movieman collected a few items for me, including an Areca 1882IX which goes into my daily driver. The tiny cooler is quite noisy and hot, so I had to upgrade... and my motto "never throw stuff away, you don't know what you might need later" was true - got a pair of VF700-Cu's to fit just perfect on it :) The only question is if I should add some sinks on the chips close to the memory stick, between the two heatsinks... they were passively cooled, but the TDP is 28W or something so they should survive with a little bit of airflow I guess.......?


The Gen 3 one I got around the same time will be used for PCMark later :)


The antistatic piece is to avoid direct contact between the cooler and the PCB. Don't think I really need it, but oh well... cost me nothing to put it there. I'm also very happy for avoiding the huge stock screws on the back, as they steal the slot behind the card. Now this is a standard dual slot card, I think :)







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