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Still waiting for calculation

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Been around 6 hours now.





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The HWBOT engine has a backlog of all the rankings that need to be recalculated. When submitting a new scores, the backlog notices this, saves the necessary information (eg: what ranking) and does all the necessary calculations. The backlog is flushed everytime the recalculation is triggered: each time a new score is submit or when someone pushes the 'recalculate now' button.


In some cases, the engine incorrectly scans the info provided by the submission, or the data of the submission is provided incorrectly and one of the table values is empty. In this case, the engine tries to find the right ranking to recalculate, but will never find it and is stuck with this one entry. You can see this very clearly: when this happens, a new thread is opened on the forums by someone who wonders when he will get points.


I just have to manually delete that faulty backlog entry and points are awarded again.

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Actually, submission links are not really useful to solve this problem, at least not when we're speaking of the current practical solution of removing the row with the empty field.


The engine doesn't even store the result_id that needs to be recalculated. Since points is function of rank and weight, every submisison affects the point scoring of any submission within that category. Therefore, the engine stores the information of the specific ranking that needs to be recalculated. The engine recalculates the points for each score in that ranking.

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