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The official Rookie Rumble #17 thread.

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Hi @ all users in rookie rumble#17,


please look that you use the right settings for stage 3 benchmark... some users are posting their graphiscard scores instead of cpu scores.....the wrong timings... u have to post that timing from cpu in GPUPI for CPU - 100M....


Best Regards and have fun while benching ;-)

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@Hilderman, u have to download some additionaly drivers from intel that u can see your processor in settingsmenu from GPUPI for CPU - 100M... its writen in the description on that hompage from GPUPI for CPU - 100M... in german and english ;-)


sorry fro my bad english guys...

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!!! Plz guys make squre you are not wasting your efforts on HWBot Prime and GPU benchmark in Windows 8 or later OS versions !!!


Also make sure the scores are visible and the CPU-Z CPU and Memory tab are included in the screenshot

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Hi Guys,


can please tell me anyone, how to handle that gpupi 100M CPU -benchmark.... ???? in my opinion its only a lucky thing to get a good result there.... i run that benchmark a few times all with same bios settings.... and always got different scores..... doesent matter if i overclock my cpu or not.... any suggestions here?

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