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Legacy 3DMark and PCMark Keys

Christian Ney

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One small note: 3DMark 2001 and PCMark 2002 uploads to 3dmark.com are not supported. Haven't been supported for some time now, so this is nothing new. Sorry, no way to support them without digging up 10 year old backup tapes for code, then disassembling and reverse-engineering it as no source code for the receiving server for these benchmarks exists any more :( - not going to happen


Also for the rest of these legacy benchmarks (03 and onwards, in essence benchmarks that use "modern" SystemInfo): The result upload works for now, but since the products are no longer officially supported, we can't guarantee this will stay so forever. We will not intentionally disable existing support, but if at some point keeping them working would require too large additional development investment, we may stop supporting them on 3DMark.com.


Now realistically this would happen only if we embark on a major rewrite of the whole online result system and no such thing is planned in the foreseeable future.

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