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best hardware you ever bought

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We're all hardware geeks who can't stop ourselves from buying the latest and greatest, but only a few of your acquisitions really do pay of. What hardware / electronics you bought was not only every penny worth, but did you use for a long time too?



1) 9500 non pro

biosmodded (4 to 8 pipelines), extra cooling, and voltage modding made this puppy to run at 9800Pro speeds. The voltage modding eventually got the best of him, but it didn't stop it from running at these speeds for 2 years.



2) XP1700+ thoroughbred

Has been running from the day I got it (approx 3 years ago) at 10*200mhz without onle single lockup, and it's still running now. The best example that overclocking can be money saving and doesn't need to be timeconsuming.



3) coolermaster alloy keyboard

If you like typing on laptops you'll love this keyboard. With the flat key design, typing is both relaxing as absolutly noiseless. I have had this keyboard for 3 years and used it daily, while it still looks brand new.



Hall of Shame:


1) Epox 8rda+: 4 of them died due to overheating, bad bioses, ...

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1) Nvidia 6800GTO- Got it free from dell.com w/ monitor purchase. Runs at 6800Ultra speeds without voltmods.



2) Logitech Z5500- Got it free from Dell.com w/ purchase of $30 printer. One hell of a lot of bass.



3)Air vent- I put my computer on top of this, and it lowered my temps! A lot!


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My 9800se.


256bit bus, unlocked perfectly to 8 pipelines. Core got mutiliated by mounting a waterblock on it's naked core. After that it artifacted all the time but somehow (back on air cooling) managed 20MHz higher on the core. Did 470/400 on air iirc.


Still highest 9800se on 3dmark03 - non FM approved 'cause was using Omega's to unlock the extra 4 pies.


My Mushkin Level 2 3500's.


Best 512MB bh5s I've ever owned. Did 289MHz with them.


My Dothan 740.


When I finally decide to drift away from the dothan (as in ct-479 dothan), I buy a laptop with a dothan in, and just to test I try the chip, and she does 3GHz on an unmodded adaptor! Around 400MHz more than the average dothan I had prior.


My Celeron 300A - 'nuff said

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My K6-233. While most K6-233s were poor overclockers, mine spent the first few months of its life at 2.9vcore (3.2 was stock) and was daily driven at 3.0x83 = 250 (+/-) for quite a while.


I eventually got it as high as 292 (3.5x83) by use of a Socket A heatsink, but by then, it was long ago abandoned.


My ECS K7S5A. Yeah, poor overclocker (took a Duron 1.6 that was capable of AT LEAST 1980 only to 1800), but it had a strong user community and its low price made it possible to go for an Athlon 1.2C instead of the 1.0B I was planning.


My no-name second-hand 486 board. First one I ever OCd on (DX-33 to 40, DX2-66 to 80), fun jumper settings (one turned down the clock to like 2MHz), and a 486-80 with VLB video and a quarter-meg cache can do surprisingly well when compared to a P100 with no L2.

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The best purchase has been my old Creative Labs 3D Blaster 3Dfx Voodoo Banshee 16MB AGP. It lasted working OCed about a 10% (don't remember the right speeds) from 01/99 to 09/03 and with tweaked drivers it still had a nice performance by the moment of it's retirement (welll, at 800x600 on my 15" screen wich was the highest trully useable resolution).

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Sad enough i would have to say my Favorite was


1. No name Geforce FX 6600LE "as stating on boot"

O/C like mad,.... stock core-300, Mem-600

O/Ced core-425,Mem-820


2. Intel Celeron D 320 s478.

This was my first processor and i O/Ced it on stock intel cooling and a POC PCchips board to 2.8Ghz and it ran smooth

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