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best hardware you ever bought

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Best hardware i ever bought:


1. Celeron 347 3,06GHz did 7,7GHz on LN2

sucky performance, insane overclocker....


2. 7900 GTO

Did 1000/930 cooled with dry ice, and a bit voltmodded... hehe


3. AMD x2 3800+ s939.

Had this sucker running 3,0GHz on air. But it didnt have any coldbug. 3,6GHz stable on dry ice.


4. My Asus P5B deluxe wifi (P5B Deluxe Jesus Edition)

This poor mobo has died about 5 times. But with a bit cleaning and love it allways raises from the dead.

Its missing a pin in the socket, has about 10 fsb holes, can only run fsb:memory 1:1, and has been washed in my shower about 10 times.

I love it.... :D

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