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All-female OC team at MOA/GOOC/... ?

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Hey all,


Some manufacturers are thinking about giving a free ticket for a girls-only team at the worldwide finals of their OC event. In general, these events are still dominated by men/boys (:P) although we see an increase in mixed teams.


I like the idea of having a team slot for a all-female team. I'm not sure, however, if there's a lot of interest for that. I know of a few female extreme overclockers, but are they interested in teaming up with another female and compete in a live overclocking final?


Ideas, suggestions, opinions? Fire away!

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All female team would be great....


Alternative idea would be for manufacturers to allow wife or girlfriend, of the overclockers who make it to finals, to participate with their respective husband/boyfriend....


Anyway you look at it/or execute it, getting females involved is good idea I think.

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Why offer free ticket to females? Maybe also offer free ticket for homosexuals, or people with dark skin or a disability, or any other perceived minority.


Skill should be the only pre-requisite.


What if a free ticket to a female team sees them come in last place in the qualifiers, that would be great marketing, wouldn't it? Would manufacturers make sure the female team is of high-enough quality to not embarrass? The female OCers we have now... why are they not at chamionships?

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You took that one in the wrong direction ;)


It's still skill that gets you anywhere. I'm not awesome (LOL) because i'm from UK/Scotland. You do not have an OC reputation because you're Belgian. Who gives a crap where anyone is from?


Marketing works better if it's relevant to the local culture. Local culture, is usually a reasonable mix of male and female... except in some parts of China, i'm led to believe.


Assuming it's an equal mix, why are women in such a minority? Is it because... the vast majority aren't interested?





If we want equality, there should be no hand-outs, free entrances etc... just earn it. There will never be equality if a group is treated differently to the others

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gamer girl clans sometimes reach the finals in esports events, they do so on their own merits and they are respected for that.

Getting a "free" pass to such an event sucks for all the male competitors; those interested in the esport, not their epenis.


next we'll have OCers crossdressing to get into these events for free. Same as one of my friend disguises as a girl to get into dance clubs for free :P

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Seems like some guys are greatly under-estimating the capabilities of the female extreme overclockers. Guess I touched a nerve by starting this thread :D


kaboom from asusRog team is a promising overclocker..i think she's on other projects though.


Shut up K404 this is your free ticket :P


I'll wear lipstick and come too.


LOL that would be so funny seeing guys with red lipsticks...QUEEERRRR lol

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