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Hi All,   So, plan here is, host all the software you had on that flashdrive that you lost and cant find. It's a one-stop-software-shop. O.S.S.S. I'm copyrighting that.   If you have something to


PST is pscheck

Found a couple of other things as well, not sure how many of them are available already


MSI GTX480 bios (hipro5 coldslow fix with MSI.rom) http://elmor.se/files/msi480_fix.zip

MSI GTX480 Lightning bios http://elmor.se/files/480light.zip

ASUS Matrix 5870 bios + iTracker http://elmor.se/files/5870matrix.zip

ASUS GTX580 DCUII SmartDoctor http://elmor.se/files/SmartDoctor_580dcuII.zip

Gigabyte GTX460 SOC bios http://elmor.se/files/460soc.zip

Gigabyte GTX580 SOC software http://elmor.se/files/580soc.rar

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For use of any old MSI Afterburner , that denies access of expiered date: use Nirsoft's: runAsDate.

His site:

RunAsDate v1.31 - Run a program with the specified date/time

Copyright © 2007 - 2016 Nir Sofer


RunAsDate - Run a program with the specified date/time


Piece of advise: UNLY USE THE 32bit version (=working).


1. use settings as shown:

2. Use the create shortcut button.

3. Close RunAsDate.

4. Click right-button on the shortcut you made. Pick run as Administrator, otherwise it doesn't work.

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