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On that subject, something that (I think) would be interesting to see would be a baseline, OC-free score for a CPU/GPU paired with an appropriate GPU/CPU (ie... entry + entry, mid+ mid, top-end + top-end) so people can see what exact difference comes from OC + super tweaks

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All this situation , is overclocking history beeing lost.


But , we have to accept that person's decision.


I'm pretty sure that Sam keeps a good file with his results and records.

So , if he changes his mind ... he will bring them back.


Now , regarding the top scores beeing lost (for both Karl and sam), you can create a small text area , in each hardware category , with a mention part , such us : sam.ocx not participating at hwbot rankings had a top score of xxxxx


That'a a thought.

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But on the other hand..it is like the winner of the World cup decides to erase their scores, because FIFA is bad.

These scores are nothing personal and can't compromise the person in any way. It's not private pictures on facebook.


What will happen if someone decides to remove all his posts in a forum?

Everyone's else posts related to the deleted ones will just stay there in the void without logical connection.


Keeping that in mind, it is a public history and in most cases you can't "undo" it.


So on a second thought I believe these scores should stay at least under the generic "anonymous/deleted user" name.

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