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[FS][EU] Retail 5960X


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Got a new 5960X incoming, good for 5.6+ on LN2. Therefor my "old" must go. It was by far the best out of four I tried. Does Cinebench R15 4.5GHz @ 1.245V. It's a Costa rica, 3429A714. Bought in March, retail. So 3 years warranty.


It does at least 4.7GHz benchstable on AIO water. Only done a quick test on LN2. It does Fire strike physics @ 5.4GHz with 1.65V. CB around -125 C. No CBB, however you can't change multiplier if you don't go above -100 C (don't know if that counts as a CBB). Good IMC and cache.


Price: 850€ shipped worldwide






here's 4700 cache as well:


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