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Just curious about these scores

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The top 2 3dmark 2003 scores (not naming names or team) maybe hardware sharing (against rules correct?)


Same scores (20 points different)

Same PSU

Same mobo

Same CPU (with only a 13Mhz difference in clock speed)

Same Gfx Cards (with EXACTLY same clock speeds/ram speeds)


I mean if anything says hardware sharing its these 2 results. Both are very respected people (who I also respect) so I am unsure. Someone please correct me, as I sincerely hope I am wrong.

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a. Different CPU......MY CPU was MAXED OUT at that frequency (because my "good one" has died.... :(

So I HAD to push it TOO much to match with gprhellas' score...

b. Different motherboard....I had TWO FOXCONNs BlackOps (ask Samino) and I gave one to gprhellas....

c. Differrent VGAs....I have Reference ATI from macci, ASUS, and Shaphire...ALL of them work ~ 980 - 999MHz core after mods.... ;)

d. Different PSU..

I have my BETA 1200Watts hipro-tech PSU and gprhellas and some others have BOUGHT those PSUs from PLAISIO Computers: http://www.plaisio.gr/product.aspx?catalog=20&category=69977705&product=1038982


.....and finally Yes, I told some 2k3 basic tweaks for Vista to gprhellas.... :P:D

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