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Wierd one

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Here's one for you guys.


Running a Celeron 651 on an Asus Commando, setfsb reads the overclock correctly but cpu-z is only seeing a 12x multi not a 17x.


If I have a screenie of both would the setfsb pull rank over the cpu-z for validation.?


Cheers, Dave.

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Did the C1E and EIST stuff, do that as standard. BIOS wouldn't let me into the cpu section to do anything with the multi just locked up. Not a complete noob, he he :D


Just thought it wierd that cpuz wouldn't do anything even when the cpu was loaded. Even though setfsb was ok with it from the word go :confused:


Was just an issue for validation, would a set fsb screenie be ok.?

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multiplier is reduced when cpu is not used to save energy i have the same with my e2160 when i open cpu-z it shows x6 and 1200mhz but if with open cpu-z i lounch some application cpu wakes up and cpu-z shows that by showing x9 and 1800mhz


screnie with lower multiplier will also be good, u see there is a rest crucial information shown correctly in other fields of cpu-z screenie

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Guys, I think 415 points and the hwbot status of 'overclocking guru' mean you can be sure he's heard of EIST and C1E before so save the explanations. ;)


Mate, try RMClock Utility from RightMark. That will tell you if EIST or C1E are still enabled, despite trying to disable them in the BIOS. I thank my Intel D975XBX for this info as it didn't have a C1E setting in the BIOS to change :)

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