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Aquamark wrong mainboard

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I have a first testing Aquamark score on my Jetway V600DAP:



And the score was moved under ECS mobo:





Now this is wrong and I don't see, how can I edit that :o


1) HWbot recognize the mobo: http://hwbot.org/hardware/motherboard/v600dap/


2) CPU-Z does not recognize the mobo: http://valid.canardpc.com/1r0xd3


...but it is certainly NOT ECS KT600-8237 mobo, I can prove that by pictures and other info:


Duron_500_MHz_Jetway_V600_DAP.jpg Jetway_V600_DAP_1.jpg Jetway_V600_DAP_2.jpg


Could some mod move this test to appropriate mainboard? (yep, there will be more to come...)

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Bump with another Aquamark score going to wrong mainboard: http://hwbot.org/submission/2937525_


...when I submit the mainboard precisely, I get it to recognize: http://hwbot.org/submission/2937532_ ...but Aquamark wrapper insist on wrong mobo. Maybe it is time to update the wrapper with new CPU-Z detection database, when Franck update the detection... Information (CPU-Z report.txt) was send today anyway.


And another one in need of editing: http://hwbot.org/submission/2937575_

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Lol, dude, that is what the motherboard itself is reporting, there's no detection issue, and if you looked carefully that is what CPU-Z reports as well...because that's what DMI is reporting. If the board was sold by both Jetway and ASRock, under same or different name, take it up with them and their laziness.

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Well, Jetway recognize the board: http://www.jetway.com.tw/jw/motherboard_view.asp?productid=29&proname=V600DAP


And it is Jetway. ECS KT600 (KT600-A and variants) is quite different board:





It might be similar by chipset, but certainly it is not and nowhere near same mobo.


So, since I know on what mobo I benching... could you please change the scores mainboard vendor? I can edit the type, but entering "V600DAP" is no use, becuse the vendor is locked to be ESC, witch is not the case :)



Edited by trodas
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Great. I cannot change it and the board detection is just wrong. I did not have that board and never had... it is not like an innocent mistake, as I fixed yestrday in my HW library the R 9600 TX to R 9600 XT... And more errors are still present, but these I can fix. This one not.

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...then either I'm mistaken, or ... why it was not possible to edit that out later, so I have to bug others to do it? That makes no sense. As soon, as I finish my testing SuperPi 32M run on slowed AMD Duron I try another Aquamark score just to be sure...

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