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Ati Rage Pro and -NO!- 3.3V AGP cards board

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I would like to know, if I'm not mistaken and AGP card with two notches in the connector is universal AGP 3.3/1.5V card and therefore CAN be used on boards with WARNING about not using AGP 3.3V cards. So is this card:




...universal card, as from this source:





...it looks like?





Bottom line - Ati Rage Pro (AGP v2, 4x speed, universal card?) is usable in ASRock 775i65G mainboard (AGP v3, 8x speed) witch does not support AGP 3.3V cards, when the card have two notches, right or wrong?

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Okay, I was a bit affraid, but I tried it. Yes, the double notches are universal cards and they run into 1.5V AGP only boards w/o a glitch.


So ASRock 775i65G with Ati Rage 128 Pro works well. Not exactly good GFX card for way more modern (Core 2 Duo) board, but that is usefull for some other stuff... :D Who says I must bench at Jetway V266B ( http://hwbot.org/submission/2468900_ ), when there is a better choice? :D

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