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BenchBrothers.de - GeForce 8400 GS (G86) 256 Mb @ 81/50MHz - 20 marks Aquamark


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Grats for a finished run, may I ask how long it took? Is my calc of ~3 days roughly correct?


Like xxbassplayerxx stated the run took about 77 hours. So your estimation is roughly correct. :)




I just had a bad failure on my own run 2days in, pump died -> water boiled in the waterblock? -> hose raptured -> motherboard soaked again


That's sad to hear. Hope you have better luck with your next try.


As you can see on the photo of my rig I used aircooling for the cpu and stock aircooling for the gpu. No problems during the run. Today I booted up the pc (I wanted to improve my score in cpu-challenge stage 1) and I realized, that the fan of my 8400 GS didn't spin. Seems to be pure luck that this didn't happen during my long AM3-run.




I am so in awe of this result. You have my respect and admiration.


This score is awesome. I genuinely laughed out loud


Thank you guys. :)


I never thought that such a low score can get this much attention. *g*




for me ther was also some problems when running more than one application in the background.


To be honest I only tried the second application once. Maybe it was bad luck, maybe there is a problem too - I don't know exactly.




i let my system rest for some hours after day's of nonstop running.


For now I'm done with this benchmark. I will move on for some other stages to get a result. But if someone beats my score and it's enogh time left (a week? ;) ) I will give it a try again. :D

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