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Skylake / Kaby Lake SuperPI 32M 5G Challenge

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Out of curiosity I played a bit with my Mini-ITX gaming rig at home, setup is:


2x4GB G.SKILL TRIDENT Z 3866 (Samsung E-DIE) @4133 12-19-19-28-300-1T

i7-6700K ES

Cooler Master Seidon 120XL AIO Watercooler

Non-ACPI BIOS, LSC1, Wazza, Maxmem 600, fresh untrimmed & untweaked FR XP SP3.


Still have to work on efficiency but I'm quite happy with that cheap gaming board. :)


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Memory can boot at 3866 12-12-12-28 2t and load windows Xp at 1,85v, but can't run any kind of test. At same settings it won't let me login in Win10. It doesn't matter voltage i set. I'll try with tested b-die, to be sure that problem is memory , not mainboard.

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