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Z170 BIOS, tools, facts, stats and list of mainboards

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Guest TheMadDutchDude

You may need to enable it, I am not sure with that board (or any GIGA for that matter).


Your CPU holds no microcode, it's in the BIOS only as far as I know.


I'm sure someone else with a little more input will be of more use. :)

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the microcode being in the BIOS only does match up with that iv seen in the CPU info screen of the BIOS, but how the heck do i enable the non K OCing? flip a dust mote sized switch on the mobo? change settings in some weird and crazy way like im putting in a cheat code for some games? (where you type the code in game, not in a box or field) il dig around in the BIOS setup and see if i can find the magical setting "skylake non K BCLK overclocking"



eidt: if at first it doesen't boot past the BIOS, try again, OCed by 25% so far and no problems, going to push it a bit more and see where it throws in the towel with 1.36v VCORE


edit 2: oddly enough gibagyte's SIV app seems to be able to read the temp correctly, albeit with a little more fluctuating then it does when not OCed

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and it fails to boot past the BIOS as soon as i go over about 102.73Mhz on the base clock..

now i need to figure out how to find out if i have non "non K OCing" microcode on my CPU


There's basically a BCLK hole between 102.74 and 103.00. Skip to 105 or so and move up from there. If you have a Non-K OC BIOS, it should be happy to do so.

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In this thread you can find the latest Skylake Z170 motherboards, BIOSes, overclocking tools, statistics. We will try to keep it updated with the latest tools and BIOSes. Feel free to share your information and software if it's not in the opening post.




Last updated: 08/12/2015



This thread needs an update !!!

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