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Unique Heaven benchmark did not work at all


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Clean Win XP SP3 or Win 7 SP1 instals. Config:


ASRock 775i65G R3.0 (Intel 865G) - Noctua NH-C12P SE14

Core 2 X6800 Extreme 2.93GHz @ 3414MHz (285x12) 1.296Vcore

2x 1024MB OCZP4001G 2-3-2-5 190MHz 2.75V

PNY 6800 GT AGP 256MB DDR3 350/500 @ 400/559MHz

1024G Western Digital Black 64MB cache (WD1003FZEX)

240G SanDisk Extreme PRO (SDSSDXPS-240G)

DVD-RW Samsung SH-224DB

Powered by eVGA Supernova G2 850W


HWbot Unique Heaven benchmark fail to start


Unique Heaven fail to work




It should be noted, however, that on Win 7 x64 Unique Heaven does work standalone. Just when I press "Benchmark", then it show white letters "Benchmarking..." on the screen, yet suddently fail to render anything. Could it be, that for this testing machine I did not installed soud?

I did added it on the Win XP SP3 later, but absolutely no change in behaviour...


Any suggestions?

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Soundcard drivers you say? Piece of cake. Enabled in bios, x64 drivers installed, still fail:


HWbot Unique Heaven still won't work


As you can hear the music, it is working well. 31 frames are allegedly rendered and that it is. No more :( What is wrong? Can you help? What to test?





Unique Heaven is working all right


Despite the slow framerate (6800 GT not overclocked and it is not particulary good gfx card for Unique Heaven bench, not to mention when there is M-JPEG recording at 15fps running as well...) you can see that Unique Heaven is working perfectly.

So, what it is, that the wrapper cause to epicaly fail?

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Was there an answer to this? I am actually having kind of the same problem. I can run dx9 once after fresh install...when I start it again it will finish loading it in but not start the benchmark. DX11 works perfectly fine? 

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