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fastvedub - DDR2 SDRAM - 750 MHz Memory Clock


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Yes all slots are full,that's what even made this OC better imo,i tried with a single stick,the board was not the factor nor was the full slots.This frequency is legit.And why is a 3:5 ratio unacceptable? My score is correct.Could have went higher had the sticks allowed for more latency,could only go from a 5 to a 7,as those were the only options the sticks had as far as Latency timing adjustments.

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Well, as long, as the score is validated by CPU-Z and it is: http://valid.x86.fr/p3fztx

I did not see a problem. Certainly it is not divider. Anyone can use what divider he please...


BTW, WR in DDR2 frequency is 900MHz:



...with 1:2 divider :)


Mine best use also 1:2 divider and no-one is saying that it cannot be used:



...tough I not aimed at maximum frequency yet... :)

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