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WTS 78.6% ASIC KPE 950+shipping


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Inbox cleared, and I replied.


Doing catzilla 720 with it if anyone wants its general air performance. Stock OC bios


So i upgraded bios. Gonna mess with it a little more, i think gpu core is tapped out (artifacts and dmm voltage arent changing no matter what at about 1408mhz boost, 1.155 at load in bench)

Mem seems pretty stable at 1900 with a slight bump over stock with custom bios stock bios can do it but artifacts during testing(still passes though)



I got my eraser in yesterday, so if it doesnt sell this morning ill do some light ln2, i am irritated with how little it responds to voltage so i am gonna see if its just a matter of temps.


Shipping is 70$ without insurance for 3-5day for intl.

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