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I'm sorry if this is a really dumb question but is it possible to create a bios to allow for a little more bclk for the locked i3's on the asus boards. I'm sure it obviously wouldn't be a priority but a beta bios to compete a little more in xtu would be awesome.



Plz guys, we need that extra 0.2 BCLK. [emoji24]

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I have at M8E issue with higher dividier than 3600 MHz. 3600 MHz I can run with 12-17-17-28-1T, but If I tried 3733 or 3866 MHz and timings 14-19-19-30-2T or 15-20-20 no post, the best what I got was reboot cycle/loops :-( The IO 1.17V, SA 1.2V, DRAM 1.7V (I tried 1.75V to 1.95V also and it not helped)

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I think I fried my Impact, after last LN2 session it doesn't want to OC anymore - if I change settings from CMOS default eventually I get 41 code which afterwards is followed by 00 code with fans at 100%, after clear CMOS it boots (on stock ofc). Also the settings (multi, BCLK, voltages) I input in BIOS are not applied - everything runs on auto.

@websmile gave me an idea that maybe MEI could be the issue here, and it might be back to normal if I could recover it. But no idea how to do it.

I already tried flashing BIOSes 0205, 1302, 0002, 0014 - without success (with EZFlash or using USB Flashback). Rest of components - CPU, RAM, GPU - are OK, tested and working in GB Z170x SOCF. I also cleaned the CPU socket, checked that pins are OK, and checked RAM slots.

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Hey there,


I have been looking at this topic and flipping pages and I am unable to install the USB and Chipset drivers that are available on the first page. I have found the procedure how to install the Asmedia USB on this forum on another topic but it doesn't work for me.


Is the chipset zip file for XP?


I have the Asus Z170-P Mainboard Bios V5.02


I see that there is a bios 404 available should I downgrade? what would that gain from it?

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