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[FS] Fullcover waterblock´s


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for sale 8 fullcover waterblocks from different manufacture:


1) Heatkiller HD79x0 - compatible with HD7970/7950 reference model - massive cooper waterblock ,very good condition ..no leaks , screw,washers and thermal pad are all included!


2) Aquacomputer - aquagrafx GTX470 - compatible with GTX465/470 reference model, massive cooper waterblock , very good contition- no leaks , screw, washers and VRM thermal pads are all included , for the ram ic required TIM!


3) EK nickelplated 285GTX CLASSIFIED - compatible only with EVGA gtx 285 classified - evga custom model , very cood contition , no leaks ,screw, washers and thermal pad are included (will add in shipping some pad for replacement)


4) innovatek GTX 285 hydro cooper - compatible with ALL gtx 285 rev1 , , very good contition , no leaks, screw and washers are all included , for VRM and IC ram required TIM


5) Aquacomputer - aquagrafx G200 - compatible with gtx 260 65nm ( volterra VRM) and GTX280 , very good contitions , no leaks , screw and springs are all included , for VRM and IC ram required TIM


6) EK nickelplated special edition HD4890 - compatible with HD4870 and HD4890 reference model , very good contitions , no leaks , screw ,washers and thermal pads are all includend


7)evga black pearl - compatible with 8800GT and 9800GT reference model , very good contition , no leaks , screw and springs are all included, for vrm and ic ram required TIM.


8) no name waterblock , compatible with 8800GTX and 8800 ultra , screw and washers are all included and thermal pads for ic ram and vrm .


wish to sell all together for 150 euros!


shipping only UE via DHL insurance till 500 euros, for sure package will be over 5kg and shipping cost will be 22 euros! that are on you!

for another land from europe but not UE land please ask before!

accept payment via WU or bank transfer!




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