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Asrock Z170 OC Formula-DDR4

Guest Bullant

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Guest george.kokovinis



One in a hundred comes out from "the front" normally and the rest 99

"from the back" together with shit.


Talk about justice. Only insiders survive in life. WTF

Asus still owes me an RVE. Approved for RMA 10 fuck**** months ago.

Only I do not have an RMA number and I am looking at 500$ accumulate dust.


I suppose that if any of the insiders with contacts picked up the phone and called them, he would have 2 mobos in two days.



Yeah...kiss my ass.

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Guest george.kokovinis

If MOCF is not retail then it is an ES.

Thus it must be forbidden for regular users as per HWBOT rules for

engineering samples.


Yes or no ?

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Guest Bullant

Some Air testing on retail G.skill B die and Asock OCFM,cpu water and memory's air @ 27c


4200Mhz 13-13-13 tight 8M pass and did 10 loops @ 32m



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How the heck do you get this board to boot B-die with 1T? My Patriot Viper 3400 2x8GB passed 32M 3733 12-12-28 1T on M8E but on OCF they won't even boot 3600 1T using the same CPU!


I need to push PCH Voltage up to 1.10v for booting and "stable" XTU Runs etc. with 3866 1T.

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