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Guest Bullant

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Guest Bullant
Not today :P - with MFR only 2T above 1666MHz mem clock, funny since I was able to run 3733C11 at 1T with this board on P1.70 BIOS


Mems cooled by single stage, temp at DIMM readout -61








I missed this,nice work aero

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I am looking for 24/7 efficiency and need some help. My OCF can't boot memory beyond 4200Mhz what can I do ?


here are my setup



Z170 big OCF bios 7.40

2x8GB TridentZ 3600 17-18-18-28


Actually it can't boot beyond 4060Mhz but after adjust all signal slope to 15-1 it can boot all the way to 4200Mhz (with hit and miss. I must set boot failure guard count to 10 to ensure that one out of ten will boot) but after 4200 it will stuck at 00 4C 19 looping no matter how much voltage / io / sa or timing.


But if I boot at 4200 and raise BCLK in windows it can get to 4300Mhz but not stable. 4266 is best for benching but not stable enough for HCI memtest (small random error) what can I do ?


Here is my 4266 running HCI 125%. Only one time it can do this. Boot again and it give random error. (io 1.3v sa 1.3v dram 1.45v it don't scale above this).




Another thing is can anyone clarify me about how to properly adjust mb setting to get better signal like ODT , vref control , memory margin , dq0rt or whatever etc. Thanks in advance.


Currently my best stable is 4133 17-17-17-28-350-2T 1.4V set , 4167 17-17-17-28-450-2T 1.45V set , 4200 17-18-18-28-350-2T 1.475V set HCI small random error but work fine for gaming. But 4266 even at 19-19-19-39 give random bsod.

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