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aquamark: invalid data, unable to parse the data file

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couldn't submit aquamark sumbission. attaching the screenshot.


i7 6700k

maximus viii hero

adata xpg z1 2800 ddr4 ram


had 4-5 runs but couldn't submit the score.


attached a screen shot.


must be the ram. instead of adata it reads as A-WinbondTA.


i have few more with same configuration with gtx 460 and gtx 560 ti as well. have few more cards. almost 30-40 hardware points. pl. someone help, how to fix this.

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i saw a thread on hwbot running the bench by disabling system info. will try that tomorrow. i have seen few top submissioins with i7 6700k were submitted in the same way by dancop and all.

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