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Calling All Rampage Extreme Masters - Getting Above 670 FSB

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Wow! Thanks for the input so far! Those of you that froze the NB, what did you do for VRM's and SB cooling? When I froze mine, I just set the pot on the flat copper spot on the heatsink since I didn't have anything to put on the rest of the board.


DopeLex, is this the link you're talking about?


Fun to see so many people sharing s775 goodness. Here's how I insulated the board, I had too much free time back then :D F1EE and some kind of duniek or ryba nb pot.



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Hey everyone, I got the chance to bench this board again last night and had some decent results. I spent most of my time working on frequency for 1M. I was able to pass at 6400 three times but every time, it crashed while opening CPU-Z. Efficiency is way off and it's definitely something I need to work out. To hit max clocks, I have to use PL=15 and memory on Auto. As soon as I try to set those manually, the board stops booting. I didn't spend much time on CPU-Z but I think with a little time and effort, this chip could validate 6.6GHz or so.








@crustytheclown, you mentioned a reverse PLL mod to allow me to lower voltages beyond the 1.51V that is currently the lowest setting in BIOS. Is this documented anywhere? I'd love to lower the CB as it is currently -158°C, with CBB at -145°C. Getting closer to C2D full pot benching :cheers:


As an update, this is what my settings were:


610 x 10 - raise to 635/640 in Windows

266 Strap

PCI-E - 110

Memory all auto

Twister - Lighter

PL - 15

vPLL - 1.51V

VTT/FSB Term - 1.600

vNB - 1.80V

vCore - 1.90V

Spread Spectrums: disabled


EDIT: Picture!



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Remove the cap out of those in red circle that is for pll.(i think the second from the right)

You can check with a dmm which one is by measuring them.

Then you have to plug there a e-power,g-power or any short of external voltage regulator to control the pll.

Remember because it is just for pll you do not need to do any hard wiring and grounding to the e-power.just a cable from e-power is enough as cpu pll is not consuming many amps.(ground from the 6pins of the e-power are more than enough).

We used to do it with a home made single phase voltage regulator.

Oh the memories.

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No trim pot is not possible.There is no separate ic for pll control.

There should be at least op amp to give managable pll output. Your idea of connecting epower without desoldering the output of stock power section sounds dangerous and should not work (in best case scenario the stock power section will drop voltage to the level set on epower but that will give stress to stock pll power section).

I think one must cut the trace in any way first.

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Okay, I was investigating the means to do pll mod @P5W64 WS a few months ago - there is no dedicated pll circuit there and cpu pll is powered via RC/RLC-filter from vtt or vcc (the same applies to all s370/s478 motherboards as well).

In case of REX there is a dedicated power supply for pll but it should anyway be filtered according to intel specifications. Removing the cap will NOT disconnect that dedicated power supply (caps are parallel to pll circuit) but will worsen the filtering.


There must be a kind of trim mod to pll circuit.


I wouldn't cut off stock pll power supply and solder epower - even old pentiums were extremely sensitive to this mod and were dying fast even with no over/undervoltage probably because of noise. Instead I would find the pll mod. I may take a look into this @weekend.

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