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[Global] Rampage Extreme


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Up for sale is one of my two Rampage Extremes.


$120 shipped to the US





Backstory: I got this one about a month ago from Suzuki. When it arrived, it had some damage from shipment and would not boot. He had a second board so he sent it to me while I worked to see if I could get this board going. I was able to determine that the issue was a damaged mosfet which I then removed. Once I did, it was working perfectly. If you're talented with a soldering gun and/or have a hot air rework station, you can replace the mosfet and be back running at full capacity. If you're not... it doesn't really matter. Check below for the results while running down a phase ;)


The money from this sale is going back to Suzuki so he isn't out so much cash!


Photo of the carnage:






641 FSB on air (CPU-Z, HWBot)



670.46 FSB/6.37GHz E8500 on LN2 (CPU-Z, HWBot, Discussion)



QX9650 @ 5.75GHz (CPU-Z, HWBot)



Board definitely has more left in it... 670 FSB was with all fine tweaking on auto.




Payment is via Paypal and includes shipping to the US. I'll ship global but you pay the difference in shipping! I am not accepting offers right now so anything below my asking price will be ignored. I expect this board to sell before Monday.

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